Favorite Site

Ms.Nabila required us that we need to choose one of our favourite sites to describe it. The types of sites are

1. Media Site
2. Commercial Site
3. Online Service
4. Institutional Site

I have two favourite sites which are Facebook and Blogger. Actually I am confusing that Facebook and Blogger will be categorized under which type. OK! I think is categorized under Media Site.

Why I prefer these two sites? I will separate it to two paragraphs and describe it. Facebook is a MUST for me to log on every day. I have 2 accounts and I will check comments every single day. Facebook like has a power to attract me to open it and I will be “staying” at there for many hours. I have tried to on more than 12 hours just because nothing can do on holiday. Facebook helped me a lot like I can find back my primary school friends and get close with them. We can show our regard to each other like leave comment on their wall or create an event to find them out for gathering. This is one of the part Facebook attracted me. Besides that, I can create a group to chat with particular friend and others wouldn’t know about it because I will set it as a secret group. This is a “place” that I won’t lose contact with my friends although we study different university. The other cool reason is I have a SEGi BMC group that we always ask about assignment or share lecture notes. The group will be busy when exam period. You can see my dearest classmates will post something at there even midnight or nearly morning. The group let me catch up everything about assignment. I can shout out loud that “I L.O.V.E FACEBOOK”. LOL… :)

The other favourite site is Blogger. I will sign in to this site everyday even holiday or busying my assignment. I will update my blog every day. Blogger can say is my diary because I will write my thought on there and share with my few friends about what I want to share with them. Why am I said few friends? This is because that I locked my blog and just limit it to few closer friends to view my blog. Blog is a place that I can share my emotion or mood. I have 4 blogs which registered on Blogger. Am I mad? Hehe. First blog is my private blog, second is my food or travel blog, third is my self’s blog and the last one is this. I am a mad blogger!!!! ^_^ yoohoo~

That’s the reason that why I love these 2 sites. How about yours? Have a nice day, my dear readers.


Videos that utilize Digital Effect

Food Review - Newsworthy

As the request from Ms Nabila to find something that newsworthy, I and my dearest friends which are Kar Yan, Shy Yee and Su Bee planned to do a food review. All of us are food lover and always find something new or some food that never try before. 

After a discussion, we are decided to go for the Taiwanese Restaurant which located at The Curve. The restaurant name is Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room. It presented a casual Taiwanese restaurant that offers a wide variety of tasty and sumptuous Taiwanese street delight and meals, from the appetizer, snacks, dim sum, set meals, noodles, congee, rice, ala-carte to dessert and beverage prepared meticulously to fulfil your visual pleasure and great appetite with only the freshest and finest ingredients. The environments there are nice and comfortable. I like the photos that hanging on the wall. It including some of the old photos with the black white colour.

The manager was very kind to us. He intro the food to us one by one and waited for us while we make our decision. When we went in, it was during lunch time, so the boss introduces us the set lunch, which is available from 11 onwards. Finally, we are decided to order Taiwanese Supreme Chicken which comes with 3 varieties of sauces. Besides that, we ordered Taiwan Beans and Fruit Ice as our desert because it attracted us.

Let’s talk about the food that we ordered. The Taiwanese Supreme Chicken is a signature dish of the restaurant and this is one of the reasons why we ordered this dish. The other name of this food is Three Cup Chicken and it served in a bowl set over flames to keep it warm. The name “three cup chicken” comes from the three key ingredients: sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, and soy sauce. This set also comes with the rice and we eat with the sauces that given are really taste nice. I like the taste of this food because it included the sesame oil. Three sauces mix with the chicken are really the perfect match. Based on the menu description, a true and authentic Taiwanese three cup chicken calls for basil leaves, the soul of the dish that lends an exotic aroma and minty nuance to the taste. To add on, this set also comes with one soup. The soup that they served on that day is named 'wong kua tong' (cucumber soup) which tasted quite nice and the important thing is not heavy with ajinomoto. This is suit with the healthy lifestyle today. My comment for this main dish is the set should come with the braised pork rice instead of white rice.

The dessert we choose was Taiwan Beans and Fruit Ice. This is the combination of red bean, watermelon, green apple and ice. I think this is quite sweet for my friends but I think is ok for me because I like the taste of sweet. The look of this dessert is attractive and many red beans are surrounded by the watermelon and green apple. I like the feeling of tasting this dessert is because that when the ice are melting in your mouth, I can get feeling of fresh and cool. My comment for this dessert are red beans should be reduce putting with the ice. The price for this dessert is quite expensive. I won’t try next time if pay next visit.

Hope you guys can pay a visit to there and enjoy the moment at there. The environment at there is comfortable, quiet and the manager and waiters there are nice to everyone. Don’t need to worry about that you all are go with the big group because few of big tables are served there.

Media and Technology

Media and technology are famous recently and people are becoming relied on it. Human now cannot leave their phone when outing because that it brings a lot of convenience to them especially intelligent phone like Iphone and Blackberry. They are being to rely on it in their daily life.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Blogger and also MSN are one of the lifestyle and habit of teenagers to keep contact with each other. I’m addicted to those social media as well to keep contact with my friends. I don’t think social media are brings the bad impact only but it also brings the good impact. It is because that Facabook be the one of the “tool” to let me contact and keep updated with the new information with my college class mates. It helps me a lot when exam or assignment. So, I do think that social media are bringing good impact to teenagers and others also. 

Google+ became a new hot topic between each other now. This scenario can say that all of us are keep updated with the new social media or technology as well. When more and more invention of social media is comes out, people can contact their friend easily and can get close with them. But the things that need to be caution is that privacy of people are being exposed nowadays.

People rely on media and technology are brings good and bad impact also. It won’t have the ended topic when talk about this. 

나에 대해 ( About Me)

Bonjour to my readers. =) Welcome to my new blog and this is the first post. As the request from my Media Technology’s lecturer, Miss Nabila, I have to come out with a post about introduction myself. This is the title will be write when the first class in primary school. Don’t look down on this title because it will be an interesting topic if describe it as well.

OK! Get back to the topic. Bonjour everyone. My full name is Sze Xiou Hong. You can call me Jesly or Xiao Bao if you want, is up to you actually. I’m 21+ this year and studying at SEGi University College under the Degree course of Mass Communication. I choose for this course is because that I hate counting. I am pretty sure that you all will think that I’m weird because choose the mass communication course just because of hate counting. Actually I choose this course is because that I planning to be a wedding planner in my future. Public Relations course can help me; this is what I think about. Talk about my college life first. I can say I ‘m enjoying my college as well as studying life. I knew a lot of friends there and they all are nice and treat me as well. I got my best friends from there also. We can share every thing and we can have a long chit chat session until forget the time to go back. My intake to study there is on Feb 2010, this is my second year to continue my course. Last but not least to talk about my college life, I need to thanks for those who are treat me well and hope that our friendship will long last forever although we graduated. Ohya, I enjoying being a student also is because that I can enjoy those discount or privileges for student. ^_^

Yeah, is time to talk about me. If you know me as well, you will comment me as a noisy girl. I like to talk and this can say is my shortcoming also. I do think it is nothing bad for me because I will tell them that I’m studying mass communication course, I need learn to talk. Very funny, right? I still remember that when I ‘m attending the Langkawi Camp, the first comment of my kayaking partner say that I am quiet on first day but became noisy for the following day. He said that I’m cute but noisy. Can this say as praising me? I DON’T THINK SO. >.<

I like to sing, dance and eat! I’m a food lover that always craving for food even at the midnight also. I have tried before that chat with my friend at the midnight for 2 hours long just talk about the food. Am I a mad? When I’m stress, I will keep eating and I became fat for 4kg when I studying second semester. This quite frustrated for me. So, I am trying to keep fit now and want to maintain back the weight before. For the singing part, I will ask my friend out when I’m stress. I will go to K box with my friends every semester holiday and if they are not free to go, I will choose go to there alone. Why I like to dance? I didn’t get an answer for this question also. Maybe I like to dance just for no reason. I have been participated all the dance competitions and shows when I’m a girl guide in my secondary school life. Besides that, I planning to continue my dancing life after graduated.
To add on, I like to post my feeling and things happened in my daily life. So, blogger is my good partner. I have 4 blog accounts include this. Don’t get shock when see this. XD

Last but not least, hope you guys are enjoying to read my blog post and don’t get bored on it.

Danke and Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!